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I was mindlessly scrolling through Twitter one day like I usually do, and saw a tweet from a pretty large account in what many would call "HHT", or "Hip Hop Twitter". The tweet said "Sometimes you gotta take a step back from Hip-Hop and realize how great other genres are". The collage of albums accompanying these words truly flabbergasted me. Marvin Gayes "What's Going On". Stevie Wonders "Songs In The Key Of Life". Michael Jacksons "Thriller"!!! These classic Pop/ R&B albums which are absolutely integral to the history of not only hip hop, but music and black culture as a whole, were being spoken about as if they were pieces of music that are totally disconnected from the music we hear today. How can you listen to any R&B today and not hear rap, and vice versa? To put it plainly, Im here to help expand peoples palates; their taste when it comes to not only rap, but all other genres. I find new artists I enjoy and talk about their music here. I hope you enjoy. 

Ellis Phillips is a 2023 UCSB Graduate with a degree in Communication. He makes music with his producer "Trizzle" in his free time and is looking to begin his professional career in the entertainment industry. 

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