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Jiggs: Welcome Jiggs to The Blue Room! Jiggs latest tape, “Silk” is just as smooth as its name. Jiggs spits over sleek, sample heavy production from his partner Wiz Kelly, with the conviction and hunger you might hear from a 1999 Joey Bada$$, or Meek Mill with the braids.The production creates room for Jiggs to showcase his skills as an MC, and as a vivid storyteller on the track “Wounds”. If you want to hear unrelenting flows, come see Jiggs at The Blue Room!

Pretty Kartier: Pretty Kartier is here to bring the laidback flows to the blue room. Kartier said himself -his music is the type you play when it's “3am or raining”. On his latest EP, aptly titled “Iceberg Lounge”, Kartier delivers a multitude of chilled flows throughout. His delivery has a slight hint of “blase blase” attitude, contributing to the no worries, breezy world he sculpts in his raps. Come kick back with him at the blue room!

Czar Josh : Welcome Czar Josh to The Lil Blue Room! On his latest EP, “THA IN-BETWEEN”, Josh combines lofi and southern rap to deliver earnest, introspective bars over funky instrumentals perfect for a sunny day. Come see him at The Blue Room! 

Tonye Ayeba: Welcome R&B Artist Tonye Ayeba to The Blue Room. Ayeba is a master of the slow burn. Tracks like “Golden Heart” and “Send Help” sizzle beneath the surface, holding you in anticipation until the tracks blow open, adding entirely new groovy dimensions for Ayeba to glide through with his rich vocal timbre. Come see him at the blue room!

Attitude Era Earl - Check out Attitude Era Earl before he performs this Saturday at The Blue Room! A standout track from him is “Love Song V1”, where Earl sonically pivots from his usual dark, spacy production, onto a track with bright string synths. Earl’s gruff in his voice, combined with autotune make for the extremely distinctive and memorable croons on the chorus. Come see him Saturday!

Minnie Lea - Catch Minnie Lea Saturday at The Blue Room! The self proclaimed rockstar effortlessly goes from gripping with long distance relationships on R&B tracks like “Love Field”, to “Big Bodies and Guitars”, a hard hitting, spaced out trap record where Minnie raps about nights in the fast lane. Come rock out with her on Saturday! 

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