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Tommy Richman’s Million Dollar Baby is a hit. No doubt about it. It is currently fighting for the number 1 spot on the charts, competing with Kendrick Lamar’s diss track, “Not Like Us”. The track presents you with a new type of funk, with plucked electric bass dragging you in and stuttered piano chords accented by carefully placed cowbells. On all of this, Tommy Richman delivers a litany of melodies throughout the verse, surrounded by his high-pitched background vocals.

Tommy Richman has seemingly come out of nowhere; some even calling him an industry plant. But let me put these thoughts to rest. The singer is signed to Brent Faiyaz and has been putting the work in. He was featured on Brent's latest album “Larger Than Life” on the track “Upset”. This track is sonically similar to “Million Dollar Baby”; the broken-up chords and bounce is undeniable. I believe Tommy Richman produced both tracks, so that makes sense. 

Tommy's 2023 EP “THE RUSH” was a breath of fresh air; he combines R&B and hip hop in his high-tempo, groovy tracks. Tracks like “LAST NITE” open up with a haunting synth lead, on which Tommy showcases his knack for creating catchy melodies, which are built upon his many-layered vocals. “FEVER’ is another hit that encapsulates who Tommy is as a producer; the cowbells/percs and vibrant synths contribute to the air of nostalgia about his sound, combining the groove of disco and 80’s pop and infusing it with hip hop. 

Tommy Richman is truly unique in his sound, and I cant wait for the world to hear more.

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